Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bucket Head

The other night Ethan discovered the cookies cutters. It wasn’t the cookie cutters that caught his eye. It was the bucket that they came in. Within seconds he had dumped out all of the cookie cutters and put the bucket on his head. He then proceeded to run around the house screaming in joy.




Ethan never ceases to make me smile.

Friday, July 15, 2011

This is Where We Brush Our Teeth…


…and then we take a bath :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Pass the Time on Hot Summer Afternoons…

Get blown away by the fan!




This kid cracks me up!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Official first word…

Ethan’s official first word goes to BALL! He loves his ball. He has a basketball, soccer ball and football. The basketball is his favorite, but he has at least one of the three in his hands at all times. It goes with him everywhere!

In the car…

2011-05-28 10.18.42

At the grocery store…

2011-05-28 11.13.19

While eating dinner at a restaurant…

2011-05-28 19.59.58

On bike rides…


While climbing the stairs…

2011-06-02 18.17.56

Even while longing for mom to take him outside. He LOVES to be outside!


This one was funny. He got so excited when he saw his ball in the mirror. Then he went on and on for five minutes just talking to his mirror friend.

2011-05-14 12.21.13

This ball picture is my personal favorite.

2011-05-13 19.56.41

But I think if Ethan could choose, this one would be his favorite. It has all of his favorite things in one picture. Daddy, blanket, bottle, and of course his ball!


I can ask, “Where is your ball?” And he will go and find it, no matter where it is.

I don’t let him sleep with it, but I usually leave it on the floor next to the crib and most mornings his first word is ball. He points to the ball on the floor, and all he wants is for me to get him out of his crib as soon as possible so he can get that ball back in his hands.

I knew he liked balls, but I wasn’t sure he actually knew what they were for. Then the other day Aaron turned on the NBA finals and Ethan got so excited. He couldn’t stop pointing to the T.V. and saying ball, ball, ball over and over again. Aaron was hoping for a baseball player, but maybe we have a future basketball player on our hands.

He has a mini basketball too. Yesterday, I let him take it to church, but then he started chucking it at the people sitting behind us. I don’t think balls we be allowed at church anymore.

Ball really is the only word he knows. He has a few other words in his vocabulary, but I’m not sure he really knows what all of them mean yet.

  • He can say Hi and Bye. He doesn’t always use those at the right times.
  • He also says mom. I’m still not sure he really knows what that means.
  • He says “Oh Mo!” anytime he drops anything. Then he gets this pouty face.
  • He goes “awe” anytime he sees his blanket. In fact he actually drops to ground to snuggle with it every time he comes across it. It is adorable.
  • He says baba for bottle.
  • He goes vroom for a toy car.
  • He barks anytime he sees or hears a dog. Or a squirrel.
  • He goes “woooow” anytime he sees a hanging light or a ceiling fan.

But ball definitely wins as the word said most everyday. No doubt about it, we definitely have a boy on our hands.

2011-05-28 11.14.27

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Have a Walker!

Ethan took his first steps two days after he turned one. Then he did a pretty good job walking for about a week. Then he stopped. He refused to do anymore walking or even standing really. For two weeks he would just scoot around- not even really crawl. Then two Friday's ago he started up again all on his own. By the next Tuesday he had it down.

Let me present to you our walking baby:
Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Hair Cut

It had been obvious for a while that this kid needed a hair cut. The hair would hang over his eyes and ears. He even had a nice rat tail growing in the back. I was too nervous to do anything about it. Finally one day I just decided it was time.


Ethan hated every second of it. The second we put him in the chair, he started crying. I ended up having to hold him for most of the cut. He made it through and was so proud of his sucker in the end.

2011-04-23 15.14.34

The hair cut is growing on me. I do miss it long. It will be a while before we get it cut again.

11/12 Months

I figure now that he is 13 months it would be a good time to do his 11 and 12 month update. Ha! It is a long one, and it will also be that last one. I’ll still update the blog from time to time, but I’ll stop with the monthly updates.

Month 1 vs. Month 12

(Is that even the same kid?)

DSC04284 DSC04055

Height 31 1/2 inches 95%

Head 19 1/4 in 97%

Weight 24 lbs 6 oz 73%

We have a big boy on our hands. I am reminded of this every time we go play at the children's museum. Ethan will hang out with kids his size and then later I discover those kids are not 12 months, but 21 months. We love our big boy.

Not walking by his first birthday. 2 days after he turned one, he took his first steps. He did great walking on his own for about a week. Then it stopped for about two weeks, and he went back to crawling every where. Actually his crawling changed to more of a half scoot/half crawl. He is a funny kid. (He is walking now. I’ll get to that in another post.)

The refrigerator and dishwasher are like magnets to him. Within seconds of either one being open there is Ethan to take everything out.

2011-03-30 13.55.43

He is quite the mess maker. In fact we call him ET now. The Ethan Tornado. Some days I wonder why I bother to clean as he is right behind me destroying away.


He is becoming more independent. He likes to sit on the couch all by himself. If you sit next to him he pushes on your leg until you get off.

2011-04-20 16.26.13

He is off formula now and I am trying to limit his use of the bottle as well so he only gets that before bed.

This month he learned to give hugs.  He wraps his little arms around you and says “awe!” The best thing ever! He also loves to snuggle and blow kisses!!!

He says mama and dada. I think he may even know what they mean now. Of course, Aaron is still the favorite. The second he hears the door opening at night, he darts for it screaming for Aaron to pick him up.

He also goes uh oh, or awe when he drops/throws something.

He can hoo like an owl, woof like a dog, and vroom like a car. He knows the difference between all of that.

He loves to sing. Popcorn popping is his favorite song. He loves to do the actions with it. Now anytime we sing any song, he sings along by saying pop, pop, pop.

He loves to dance. This kid will bob his head, shake his body, sway back and forth all in rhythm to the music. He is quite the dancer. He really loves music and musical instruments. He loves his drums and his maracas.

He also loves to conduct music. Anytime we are at church or whenever we hear choir music he gets that arm moving. He picked that all up on his own.

He loves to point at everything. Luckily I don’t have to read his mind. I always know what he wants.

He is still the slimiest and friendliest baby. Although, he still has no sense of boundaries. He preferred method of play with other kids is to poke their eyes and mouths. And then pull their hair. I am hoping that is something that he grows out of.

He still loves to read. He will flip through every page of book, point to all the pictures and then all of the words. If there is ever a bear or monkey he will kiss it. I have no idea why, but it is dang cute.

*Did I miss anything? Probably. I just love seeing Ethan grow and learn. I love watching the world through his eyes, because everything is just so exciting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Year With Ethan

I went through and tried to pick my favorite picture with Ethan for every month of his life- sometimes I had to pick two. I can’t believe how much he has grown. Every month has been an adventure, and I am so grateful for every single one.

First days of life


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Month 4

DSC06934 DSC07035 

Month 5

DSC07317 DSC07630

Month 6


Month 7


Month 8

DSC08981 DSC08743

Month 9

DSC09475  DSC09450

Month 10

DSC09623 DSC09680

Month 11

DSC02162  DSC02016

Month 12


Yay! We did it Ethan! We made it through one whole year together. I am so excited to see what year two brings.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am finally starting to see a little of Aaron in Ethan, but I still think that Ethan is about 98% Wray.

Here is my dad at 12 months.

2011-02-20 20.39.47 

Look familiar? I think if I gave Ethan a hair cut, they would be twins!

One Year

March 26, 2010


March 26, 2011 (close enough)


I can’t believe that it has already been a year. I almost don’t remember what life was like with out him. Ethan has brought so much joy into our lives. We love you Ethan! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying to Escape

The other day I was doing the dishes and I looked up from the sink just in time to see Ethan trying to escape out the front door! Haha! I guess he doesn’t like to be at home.

2011-02-18 19.30.31

Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Months

*I completely forgot to take Ethan’s 10 month photo. I am hoping that by posting this will be the motivation I need to get the photos taken. You’ll have to come back for the photo.

He learned to share this month. He will eat a Cheerio and then he will feed you a Cheerio. Although this really applies to anything that he puts in his mouth. He will put his bottle in his mouth and then try to put it yours.

He also learned to play peek-a-boo! He knows to put the blanket over his face and then to take it off to get the BOO reaction. Also, anytime you say “Where’s Ethan?” He covers his eyes with his hands. So cute!

He learned to wave hi! Anytime he sees you he will wave hello.

He cruises all over the place. Not only is he a speed crawler. He loves to walk around the furniture. Although I think he believes that he can actually walk(he can’t) because he will keep going even though there is no more couch to hold on to. There have been plenty of accidents this month.

He also learned to clap. Anytime we start clapping or anytime we say YAY he will clap right along with us. He loves to clap along to “Patty Cake.”

DSC00362  DSC00360

The kid loves to eat. He could eat all day and never be satisfied. 

He now sleeps on his stomach, well kind of. It looks more like he fell asleep in the middle of  crawling. Knees bent, bum up in the air, face squished into the mattress. It is adorable. 30510739387_ORIG

He moved up to a big car seat. I wanted to wait until he was a year, but he had reached 23 pounds and the weight limit on his other seat was 22 pounds. Plus he couldn’t fit in it anymore. I couldn’t even buckle him in.


I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but his favorite place to hang out is on top of the dishwasher. I can no longer do the dishes while he is awake or he will climb aboard.


He also learned to go from laying to sitting. He already knew how to go from sitting to standing. Now every time I go to get him after a nap he is sitting up or standing up in his crib waiting for me. It still kind of freaks me out. I haven't gotten used to that one yet.


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