Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Months

*I completely forgot to take Ethan’s 10 month photo. I am hoping that by posting this will be the motivation I need to get the photos taken. You’ll have to come back for the photo.

He learned to share this month. He will eat a Cheerio and then he will feed you a Cheerio. Although this really applies to anything that he puts in his mouth. He will put his bottle in his mouth and then try to put it yours.

He also learned to play peek-a-boo! He knows to put the blanket over his face and then to take it off to get the BOO reaction. Also, anytime you say “Where’s Ethan?” He covers his eyes with his hands. So cute!

He learned to wave hi! Anytime he sees you he will wave hello.

He cruises all over the place. Not only is he a speed crawler. He loves to walk around the furniture. Although I think he believes that he can actually walk(he can’t) because he will keep going even though there is no more couch to hold on to. There have been plenty of accidents this month.

He also learned to clap. Anytime we start clapping or anytime we say YAY he will clap right along with us. He loves to clap along to “Patty Cake.”

DSC00362  DSC00360

The kid loves to eat. He could eat all day and never be satisfied. 

He now sleeps on his stomach, well kind of. It looks more like he fell asleep in the middle of  crawling. Knees bent, bum up in the air, face squished into the mattress. It is adorable. 30510739387_ORIG

He moved up to a big car seat. I wanted to wait until he was a year, but he had reached 23 pounds and the weight limit on his other seat was 22 pounds. Plus he couldn’t fit in it anymore. I couldn’t even buckle him in.


I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but his favorite place to hang out is on top of the dishwasher. I can no longer do the dishes while he is awake or he will climb aboard.


He also learned to go from laying to sitting. He already knew how to go from sitting to standing. Now every time I go to get him after a nap he is sitting up or standing up in his crib waiting for me. It still kind of freaks me out. I haven't gotten used to that one yet.



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