Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Climber

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Ethan almost over night has become very mobile! He is a speed crawler. Plus, the kid thinks that he can walk. He pulls himself up anyway that he can. Then he cruises around the furniture. When the couch or the bench or the chair ends he keeps on going- well tries to at least. There have been plenty of accidents this month. He doesn’t even walk yet and I already feel as if I spend my days chasing him around the house. Yikes!

Here is his latest adventure- climbing. Yesterday I turned my back for a second to pull something out of the oven. When I turned around he had climbed onto the dishwasher! Oh how I love this little boy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doing Laps

Ethan has started walking around the furniture. He loves to do this! You know when he gets in a walking mood because he stiffens up and refuses to sit. So when he gets in this mood I let him cruise around the crib. He makes him so happy to just do laps.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Was Tired…

…he was hungry. Terrible idea? At least he had fun.

DSC09459DSC09450 DSC09456   DSC09447 DSC09452

End result: Being sprayed down in the sink. I can’t tell which part he enjoyed more.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Basketball Game

Sunday, January 2, 2011

9 Months

66% Weight 21 1/2 lbs
97% Head 18 3/4 in
97% Height 30 1/2 in

This month he started crawling. As far as baby proofing goes, sure he can get distracted by the occasional power cord. The thing that I have to watch out for the most is shoes. He loves to lick the bottom of shoes! Sick!

This month more than any other I noticed that he could tell the difference between us and other people. Ethan has always been such a people person(can you say that at 9 months?) He loves people. I am often reminded of a quote from Elf… “Smiling is my favorite!” I can just imagine those words coming out of Ethan's mouth. He loves to smile at people. This month was the first time that he got nervous, on occasion, when someone new was around.

He loves Aaron! Anytime Aaron leaves for work Ethan will just cry and cry. When Aaron comes home from work, if he doesn’t hold Ethan right away, Ethan will just cry and cry until Aaron picks him up.

He first tooth finally broke through.

This past month was Ethan’s sickest month so far. He started the month with a terrible cold and high fever. He ended the month with the flu. If this next thing doesn’t prove that Ethan is mine then I don’t know what will ;) The only thing that would comfort him while he was sick was a Mickey Mouse book. I would try to distract him with others, but Mickey Mouse was all that he wanted :)
2010-12-22 17.55.33

Ethan is still as awesome as ever! We can’t wait to see what another month will bring!

Here is a video that I forgot to add the other day. We have trained Ethan to shake his head No!

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